Modern Art Muses

These artists are my current favorites, all alive and doing stunning work. Check out their work and process on Instagram. So inspiring! 

  • Heather Day: She has San Francisco exhibit right now at the Hashimoto Contemporary Museum. Go for me if you can. Her work are mostly inspired from nature believe it or not. @heatherday
  • Megan Elizabeth: She is inspiring me to paint the sunset and waters. I bought an easel on Craigslist and I've gathered all my old and new materials. I can't wait to start soon and share. @artbymegan
  • Jennifer Olwig: I met her at the Saatchi Art show in Los Angeles this past February. I don't think the image below does it justice. It's serene and more stunning in person. I want one of her art for my bedroom. @jenniferolwig
  • Melissa McGill: I also met her at the Saatchi Art show and we had such a great conversation. She resides in Las Vegas. Her bold marks gives me the chills. @melissamcgillart

Be Good to Yourself = A Beautiful Life

"Life becomes beautiful when you learn to be as good to yourself as you are to others."


I discovered this quote in December and created this as a reminder because I want to live more honestly and be truly generous. I realize I can't give with love if I put myself second. I'm going to be more intentional about being kind, especially with how I talk to myself. Is this something you are working on too? 

Here is a free desktop wallpaper version for you.

Type set in Soleil Extra Bold Italic by H.Graphic Studio.

How to choose the right typeface for your project?

First thing first, determine what is the message or purpose of your project? How do you want your audience to feel? Is it a bold, elegant, traditional, or retro? Every typeface has it owns vibe and plays an important role in communicating with your audience. When the type selection works, it is effective and reinforces the overall message of the design. And when it doesn't there will be a visual disconnect.

Here are 8 different categories that will be helpful to understand when you’re going about choosing a typeface.