Modern Art Muses

These artists are my current favorites, all alive and doing stunning work. Check out their work and process on Instagram. So inspiring! 

  • Heather Day: She has San Francisco exhibit right now at the Hashimoto Contemporary Museum. Go for me if you can. Her work are mostly inspired from nature believe it or not. @heatherday
  • Megan Elizabeth: She is inspiring me to paint the sunset and waters. I bought an easel on Craigslist and I've gathered all my old and new materials. I can't wait to start soon and share. @artbymegan
  • Jennifer Olwig: I met her at the Saatchi Art show in Los Angeles this past February. I don't think the image below does it justice. It's serene and more stunning in person. I want one of her art for my bedroom. @jenniferolwig
  • Melissa McGill: I also met her at the Saatchi Art show and we had such a great conversation. She resides in Las Vegas. Her bold marks gives me the chills. @melissamcgillart